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How to Factor in User Experience into Website Development

To get the best outcome in website development you ought to picture yourself as the user. What you might think is ineffective might not elicit the same feelings in the users. Studies have shown that there has been a decrease in attention span for human beings between 2000 and 2015. The decrease has been by 12 seconds. This is not something website designers should take lightly. All it takes for a user to decide whether to stay on the page or move on is 8 seconds. This is determined by the value proposition. You will probably see their interest start to wan if you are taking longer than 8 seconds. This is why before designing a website you need to understand how to appeal to the user. Start by making sure your value proposition is unique. A good first impression will capture the user attention but a great content will capture their attention. The value proposition is what helps the user make a decision to stay or leave. Basically, this is the information on how the product you are offering or service will be beneficial to the user. In a few points, explain the strengths of the product on offer and what makes it the better option than the others on the market.

You need to do the best you can to declutter the website. If the website is very cluttered, it will hurt the eyes of the user. The brain does not process cluttered spaces well too. A simple move like adding white space between your paragraphs and also at the margins will increase its comprehension by twenty percent. The layout of the webpage may not have a big effect on the site performance but it does improve the user experience and satisfaction. The mood of the person visiting your page can be better or worse depending on the web design elements you have on the site. Aim to make your users happy and not the opposite. The simple act of adding wide space on the website can see your traffic go up. The readers will be happy if the site is easy to navigate because they won’t have to use a lot of energy in sorting things out.

Make sure you have added a call-to-action button. It is not just an attractive feature but also invaluable. Do not just assume that just because you are not selling a particular product or service then you do not require it. Your call to action might be for a newsletter subscription, a free trial or downloading an ebook.

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