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Reasons Why Hormone Therapy Is Done

Hormones are produced by the body by different organs such as the pancreas and the adrenal glands for the aim of regulating the performance of every cell in the body, these hormones include insulin, testosterone, and estrogen. Research has over the years shown that some cancerous tumors do in fact rely on some hormones for growth. The action of hormone inhibition is one of the ways that have been applied in the attempt to slow and stop the fast growth of cancerous hormones. The way that this process of hormone inhibition is done is by taking precautions that will make the hormones not to function in the way that they are designed to or by making sure they are not produced at all. Ways used to administer hormone therapy is through surgical operations, medication is given orally as well as injecting the hormones directly into the body.

There are advantages to using hormonal therapy for specific medical conditions. This discussion will elaborate some of them. Hormone therapy is used to treat cancer; it lowers the chance that cancer will recur by either slowing it down or stopping it completely. Changing the way that hormones affect the cells in the body is a way that is used to slow down the progression of cancer. Those that benefit from hormone therapy are patients who have prostate cancer or even breast cancer: Men and women respectively. Hormone therapy is normally incorporated alongside other cancer treatments and the hormone therapy being used depends on the cancer that the patient is suffering from. When caution is not fully taken, hormone therapy may cause more harm than good, the type of cancer, how far the cancer has developed and whether there are any complicated underlying medical conditions are some of the considerations that one should make when seeking these form of therapy.

Hormone therapy is also preferred because it has an ability to ease cancer symptoms. For men with prostate cancer, hormone therapy may be used to reduce or manage symptoms that may not be done through surgery or radiotherapy. Having options is very essential when one has to deal with a medical complication, hormone therapy has helped provide assistance for people when they really need it.

Menopause is a phase that comes with a lot of changes that are most times not comfortable, hence hormone therapy has over the years been used to control the symptoms as well as be used to assist in weight loss. Some symptoms that women may have during this time include experiencing hot flashes and sweating, disturbed sleep as well as vaginal dryness,However, hormone therapy helps ease them.
Hormone therapy just like an alternative form of cancer treatment has risks associated with it but this chapter has been able to elaborate why hormone therapy is good.

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