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The best way to stand a chance at conceiving, is to learn when one is fertile. This is crucial because a woman is usually fertile only during certain times of their menstrual cycle which is when they are ovulating. The fact that there are no obvious outward changes that take place when one is ovulation explains why most people have trouble trying to gage when they are fertile. The major assumptions people make is that ovulation takes place two weeks after one has had their period. The assumption may be true for some but it can be untrue for others considering that the length of menstrual cycles differs with individuals.

One therefore mayrequire to use other methods to know that with a degree of certainty. The test kit is one of the methods where one uses a test strip which is let to stand in a urine sample for some time to test for luteinizing hormone which then indicates if one is about to ovulate. The test strips are cheap to purchase although it may prove to be an expensive option in the long term since one need to keep buying these test strips regularly. There is a less costly alternative whereby one can purchase a reusable ovulation test devise which is powered using batteries and can be used over and over again. This alternative unlike the use of test strips which uses urine, it test for hormones in saliva.

The third option is one that embraces the use of technology in its functionality. This is the use of a fertility monitor which makes use of basal body temperature to determine if a woman is fertile or not. This fertility monitor is made to be customized to the user such that one needs to key in personal data such as their age, height and weight and them later add the days when one is on their period. The use of personal data ensures that the predictions it give are very accurate.

This fertility monitor can be used for other purposes besides just about fertility. This methods can be effectively used to not only help a person who intends to conceive but can also be used to prevent the same. This method is at an advantage as it is not invasive thus does not alter one’s hormones. The success rate of this natural method is also equally high which gives it and an advantage over artificial contraceptives. The methods can also be used a means of monitoring ones gynecological health. The monitor may have a higher financial cost than the other two methods although its long durability in use could make it still be a worthwhile investment.

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