The Importance of Eye Health

My mother used to say, “The only way you won’t get old is if you die young.” Aging is something that if you live long enough, you will definitely do. While there are many side effects to aging such as gray hair, wrinkles, and other obvious physical signs, one side effect that may not be obvious is the weakening of the eyes.

For many people, aging not only means a loss of mobility but also their vision as well. Personally, I can deal with gaining weight, getting gray hair, heck, I can even deal with losing hair, but the losing sight is a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatment options available nowadays that can not only stop you from losing your sight but actually restore it and even make it better.

In my Parents’ Day, glasses were the common solution for people with poor eyesight. Your eyes went bad, the doctor just prescribed you a pair of eyeglasses. And if your eyes were bad enough, you wore the thickest pair of glasses they had which many of us remember as bifocals. Today’s glasses, however, are made so well, that even the strongest prescriptions can be filled inside of the thinnest lenses or even contact lenses.

While there are lots of people today who still wear glasses, so many other people are choosing other methods such as laser treatments in order to fix their vision issues. Although this form of treatment is becoming more and more common and is considered very safe, I personally would prefer to not have something like that done just because of the sensitivity of the area. As someone who wears glasses, I actually like the way glasses look and, in many cases, I think they can complement an outfit and be a fashion accessory. If you are interested in a pair of glasses or just need a thorough eye exam, search eye doctor el cajon ca to find any optometrist near you.

Since my glasses are mainly for reading, I don’t have to wear them all of the time, yet I do find myself wearing them more often than not. The funny thing about wearing glasses is that you think that you see pretty well until you actually put on a pair of glasses that have been prescribed for you. As someone with astigmatism whose vision is not bad at all, I can tell you I definitely notice the difference when I put my glasses on. It’s like the world is just so much clearer even though to someone else, my glasses seem like they have no prescription in them at all.

At the end of the day, whether you opt for glasses, contact lenses or laser treatment, getting a good eye exam is key. Your eye exam will determine what prescription you receive so you want to make sure that this is done thoroughly. You don’t want a prescription that is too weak or too strong so be sure to take your time and answer as best as you can when reading the chart.